A man stands up upon a cross and they say “He offers blood” – for me?
I have a question.
Can this act mean more to me than everywhere I’ve ever been? Is this love sacrosanct, is this man my saviour? Because this hill looks so high and yet so often climbed.

I walk a little closer, see…

Wood hacked off and standing, your hands nail pierced and hanging. I watch Him there (He’s always there) and convince myself I can feel the love, the blood, even the rain. And I ask myself: Is this the reason I have lived?
I’m just asking questions.
Well what do you want me to do?
I say “I want to separate myself from this crowd that walked with and abandoned you, when my every step is a step too far, I want”. But the words come too easily. Am I only saying them?

I walk a little closer, see….

Your body part dead and alive now, bits of skin like cracked off paint, mostly maimed. A crown of thorns, what did they do to you? Your legs are sodden in blood and your chest heaves out the rest. I come to this cross clothes clean, hands open, so I try to bloody my mind in burdens. I can’t take you in, or try to live you out, so I’ll make myself an apparition half like me and half like you, on the cross. You see, I want the crown but not the thorns.

I walk a little closer, see…

My hurt and bleeding saviour with arms as wide as love. I haven’t known for a long time what to say, but you know, you know, you know. Your fingers rush through my memories to press in on my confessions and you took them all out the way so I could touch you back. I don’t understand you. But your grace is the puzzle my piece of history fits. And your love…

Your drop of blood it touches me and trickles down my chest, cleaning my clothes. Your ancient tortured loving cries that brought me here and brought the crowd…I wanted to shout out ‘What shall I do?’ but only whimpered ‘help me’ and you did. My clothes cleaned, my focus changed, my life changed and everything is done for me – everything is cross.

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