Merry Christmas Callum

This is just a shout out to my favourite 9 year old, Callum, who is SO cool that we might just need a new word for it. I don’t quite understand how it is possible for someone to be so smart, funny, charasmatic and fun to be around by such a young age, but somehow Callum has done it. Well done Callum.

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Callum

  1. Finally, someone put it in writing! Yes, well done, Callum. :) As an immigrant who somehow ended up in this particular town, in this particular country, at that particular coffee shop… I feel SO blessed to have met Callum (not to mention momma Helen and lil bro, Finlay)! What are the odds? Paisley is one lucky town.
    He even high-five me sometimes :)

  2. Often words like this tend to be somewhat over-the-top, but in this case I can say Callum deserves it 100%. He’s an incredible kid, and I’m pleased and proud to say I know him. Merry Christmas, buddy (all the way from America)!

  3. Callum! YES! He’s funny, smart, hilarious, cute, and quite witty. He asks great questions, has brilliant ideas, and if there was a dabbing contest he’d win by a long-shot. So glad to have such a fun young man running around town!

  4. Best 9 year old out! He always has a way to make everybody smile inside and outside or Blend. I am glad that I have got to know him over the past few months. Couldn’t ask for a cuter, cheekier little monkey.

  5. Callum, words can’t describe how much I actually love you, you make me laugh uncontrollably, when you come in before you go to school one of your smiles in the morning makes my day! Best 9 year old kid out there

  6. Callum. dude there’s so much I could say, you’re the sweetest, caring, ambitious, amazing, epicest, determined, coolest, craziest (in a good way), bottleflipping dabbing 9 year olds I know! You’ve grown so much, grown in height, hair length (such awesome hair especially when it’s in a bun) and in confidence! and I am simply privileged to have got to know you over this last year!

  7. Callum you’re such a cool wee guy. If he gets any more cooler he is now then he’s going to freeze! I think you’re a fun wee dude to talk to, and you got big things planned for your future. :)

    Stay awesome :).

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