Faith/Unbelief Poetry Competition


On Saturday the 28th I will be performing at the Faith/Unbelief poetry competition which is being run in Hillhead Baptist at 3pm as part of the West End festival. Faith/Unbelief is a project run by Jim Ewing which encourages people of all faiths and none to share and discuss poetry with a spiritual theme, whether from a perspective of faith or unbelief.

I think this is the first ever Faith/Unbelief competition so I’m not quite sure what to expect but I am looking forward to it. I quite often make it along to the regular monthly Faith/Unbelief open mic events which, as well as providing an informal and inclusive environment for people to share, also allows for some friendly discussion around issues raised by a poet’s work. If you’re interested in sharing your own poetry or would just like to come along and see what its all about, come along on Saturday.

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